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Hi – thank you for visiting my website. My name is Maggie and I have been designing and creating knitted novelty items for the past 6 years. Like most knitters, I hate the sewing side of knitting so many of my designs focus on reducing the amount of sewing at the end of a project. I find the challenge of taking a new concept and creating it in yarn very satisfying and am steadily filling my house with knitted bits and bobs. I believe everyone has the ability to knit and so my kits support the process from starting out to becoming an accomplished knitter. Enjoy perusing these pages, enjoy my designs and contact me if you have any queries or challenges you may want me to attempt.

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Knitted Novelty items, Knitting Kits, Knitting Patterns & Knitting Patterns for Sale, with a little bit of crochet

Bringing knitting to life

Knitting can be a very therapeutic activity delivering a real “feel good factor” and keeping a calm mind. It develops patience and by keeping us in the “here and now” is being researched for its health benefits by health promotion experts. Maybe we will soon see “Learn to Knit for Health” as a future government health initiative.

Kits to learn to knit

I have designed two simple kits to teach you how to knit and have had 100% success with these two kits. One of the new knitters was making a complex Aran jacket within six weeks of learning with very little extra input. Designed to be repetitive these kits ensure you can consolidate your skills as they develop and teach the basic of knitting in a fun way. Soon to be extended into parent and child kits these Learn to Knit Kits make ideal gifts and are a great activity for those long school holidays.

Kits to practice and develop skills

Many of my designs have been made into kits as well as wool packs and patterns. This enables knitters to choose a kit to suit their own needs. If you see something on my website not yet in kit form then please send me a message and I will endeavour to create it for you. Often as knitters we have a mind block regarding a particular area of knitting, so you can choose a kit that will serve that learning need and practice at your leisure.

Kits for fun

Every now and then we all need to make something just for the fun of it. Kits are an ideal way to relax while concentrating on bigger items. I never go on holiday without a kit that I can pick up and put down as my holiday activities allow. If you want a specific kit of a knitted item of your own choice then get in touch – I will not promise but will do my best.

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